The School of Psychology Centre for Health Outcomes, Innovation and Clinical Education (CHOICE) was established in 2013 to strengthen the research functions of the UQ Psychology Clinic and to provide a platform for collaborative research between academics, clinicians and students working and training in the field of clinical psychology.

In late 2015, with planning towards the expanded UQ Psychology Clinic at Upland Road underway, the CHOICE centre expanded its reach to include the professional psychology streams in the Clinical and Masters of Applied Psychology programs: clinical, neuropsychology, health, sport and counselling psychology.

The CHOICE centre has a number of objectives:

  • To develop the disciplines of clinical and applied psychology by conducting high-quality basic and applied programs of research that provide a link between clinical theory and practice;
  • To provide clinical and applied postgraduate students with high-quality research opportunities to further their training;
  • To strengthen links from the clinical and applied programs of the School with industry and the professions through engaging in collaborative research ventures with government, NGO, industry, and community partners.