About Us

The UQ Psychology Clinic has been providing high-quality mental health services to the community for over twenty-five years.

We provide psychological assistance that is both caring and supportive.

The Clinic offers psychological assessment and therapy services to people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

Treatment at the UQ Psychology Clinic is provided by provisional psychologists who are currently undertaking advanced postgraduate study in Clinical Psychology (including Masters, Professional Doctorate, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees). All provisional psychologists are provisionally registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, and receive regular professional supervision from fully qualified, senior Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists.

Provisional psychologists at the UQ Psychology Clinic specialise in the treatment of child, adolescent and adult psychological difficulties and disorders. They are trained to provide a variety of ‘evidence-based’ therapies, meaning that research has demonstrated that the therapy effectively reduces psychological difficulties or distress in most clients.

The UQ Psychology Clinic also conducts research aimed at improving our understanding of psychological difficulties and how best to treat them. Occasionally a referred client may be offered the opportunity to participate in research projects. At no time are treatment services contingent on clients agreeing to participate in research, and all information gathered for research purposes remains confidential. For example, the Centre for Health Outcomes, Innovation and Clinical Education (CHOICE) provides support for research projects and dissemination of outcomes in the School of Psychology’s clinical training program, for postgraduate students as well as academic staff.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable fees: we offer highly affordable rates to clients - find out more about our fees
  • Couples therapy: our provisional psychologists are exposed to high quality training in couples therapy under the supervision of leaders in this field
  • Group therapy: there are numerous benefits to gain from group therapy - enquire about the upcoming programs here
  • Neuropsychological assessment: our provisional psychologists are trained in the use of neuropsychological assessment.