At the UQ Psychology Clinic we are currently reviewing our offerings of group therapy programs. Any programs we run have been developed within the UQ School of Psychology by using evidence-based therapy approaches. Group therapy is provided in a structured, client-focused and supportive manner. 

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy provides an opportunity for individuals with similar difficulties to work through their problems as a team, with the assistance of a psychologist group facilitator. Like individual therapy, group programs aim to address clients’ concerns by teaching the skills required to better cope with psychological difficulties or distress. Group members can benefit from the support provided by others who share their experiences. Group programs aim to provide participants with a sense of acceptance and belonging in the group.

Examples of group programs that may run in the Clinic:
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Social Skills Training

If there is no suitable group currently running at the Clinic, you are welcome to discuss the possibility of individual therapy with the Clinic staff. For this and general inquiries about therapy groups please contact us.