Therapies and services

The UQ Psychology Clinic can assist with a range of mental health issues in children, adolescents, adults, older adults, couples, and families.

Some examples of such issues might include: anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, sleep issues, chronic pain, grief and loss, caregiving issues, relationship difficulties, significant life transitions, managing health-related behaviours, stress, developing positive wellbeing behaviours, and so on.

We also provide assessment services for cognitive problems that require either a cognitive assessment or a neuropsychological assessment, and can offer follow up cognitive rehabilitation services. Please contact our Clinic if you would like to discuss whether the cognitive issue you are experiencing is something that our provisional psychologists can assist with.

Therapy services provided at the Clinic cater to individuals, couples, and families and are provided by provisional psychologists or counselling students. 

Undergraduate UQ students, including those from the School of Psychology, are welcome to be seen at the Clinic.

Services not offered by the UQ Psychology Clinic

It is important to note that we do not provide services for the following issues (and you should therefore see your local doctor or other suitable health professional for more appropriate referral options to avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining appropriate assistance for your needs):

  • Walk-in, crisis, or emergency services
  • Medico/legal, worker’s compensation, family court, or other legal matters
  • Criminal-related behaviours or concerns
  • High risk of suicidality or self-harm
  • High risk of violence to self or others
  • Current psychotic behaviours
  • Students undertaking postgraduate psychology or counselling studies at UQ (undergraduate UQ students, including those from the School of Psychology, are welcome to be seen at the Clinic)